13 March 2014

Throwback Thursday #TTBT #1

For those of you that have Instagram or Twitter accounts, you're probably familiar with the hash tag #TBT or the tag line "ThrowbackThursday". I thoroughly enjoy reflecting, reminiscing and remembering, as well as any opportunity to show pictures of my travels. So I think every second Thursday or so, I'll have a #TTBT post (Travel Throwback Thursday) where I'll write about a specific place and use it as an excellent excuse to rifle through all my photos and chose a couple good ones. Here's to the first #TTBT!

Welcome to Arches National Park, Utah.  

I camped just outside Arches NP, in the city of Moab, Utah. After an early morning of mountain biking (for which Moab is famous worldwide), we spent the good part of a HOT day water rafting down the Colorado river and then the early evening watching the sun set behind the Arches. The views were worth the sticky heat, the small crowd of people and the hike's incline up and over the rocks to Delicate Arch. I'd advise getting there a bit earlier than 20 minutes before sun down to avoid missing out on a good spot - I'm a sucker for a good sunset but often wish there weren't random people in my photos. Spend the remaining daylight playing games or soaking up the incredible views across the rocks...there are over 2,000 different arches to be seen! If only we could have spent more time exploring the park. However, we did still manage to make time for a BBQ and some insanely amazing and clear star gazing.

Utah State Official - Check out the offical Utah National Park website for information, photos and videos on the Arches and a good general overview of the park (including entry fees, maps, weather and safety tips).

Arches NP on National Geographic - National Geographics online take on Arches NP, including interesting and detailed information, amazing photographs and links to good quality guidebooks and maps.

Moab Visitors - Pretty basic website but full of links leading to good information on weather, maps, hikes, guide books, events, trips and much more handy information. 

World's Largest Rope Swing Video - Devinsupertramp makes fun and intense videos doing all the crazy things I wish I could do. Check out the rope swing they created on one of the Arches in Moab - crazy cool.

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