02 January 2017



I originally wanted to start this blog as a way of updating all my family and friends whilst I went around the world travelling...but I guess I got so distracted in it all that I never got round to actually writing. Amongst the many things I blame apart from myself, the list of excuses includes bad internet connections, a lot of very nice beaches and quite frankly, the reality of working to fund my travels!

I did manage to keep up to date with a written journal and the use of Skype and Whatsapp calls meant my family knew I was alive and well, and friends were easy to contact. So here's where you were supposed to be able to read what happened, how it happened and all my thoughts, ideas and experiences.

From my original first post to this blog -

"I spent the majority of my spare time in my last year of University day dreaming about my bucket list and after graduating, with a lot of planning and some serious saving, October 2012 took my life from dreary 5am starts at work to a massive HELLO Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and finally, California.

I took the jump from a student with two part time jobs and a slight habit for cosy movie days to a back pack carrying, flip flop wearing, hostel staying and excited young 20 something out to "find myself" and explore the world."

Fast forward to 2017, where I'm living in central London, working full time and October 2012 is long gone. I still love to travel but with financial, social and family commitments, it's more like weekend aways or week long holidays. But with some of my downtime, I want to start going through old pictures, trips and places and start this all up again (or start it for the first time...depends how you view it...) . I've also got some great holidays coming up this year, so want to mention them too.

Let's see how this goes.


(Sydney Oct 2012)

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